All Avenue cushion floors are designed to provide your home with fabulous performance every day. Available in different widths to suit a different room sizes, the performance of your Avenue floor depends on its specification. Use this handy guide to make a selection based upon your requirements.

Please note: Avenue cushion floors should not be used with rubber mats as the rubber reacts with the surface and will cause permanent stains and discolouration. Please make sure that man-made rubber or natural latex materials do not come into prolonged and sustained contact with your Avenue floor as antioxidants used in the manufacture of rubber can react with the surface. Non-rubber backed mats are recommended for use with all Avenue floors.

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    Why choose Avenue Floors?
  • Available in 2, 3 and 4-metre widths for the best fit for your room
  • A hygienic and easy to clean surface
  • Great levels of underfoot comfort for a more comfortable home
  • Resistance to slipping
  • Excellent durability, even in busy family homes
  • Warm to the touch for a cosy feel
  • Excellent noise reduction for a quieter home
  • Perfectly suitable for underfloor heating

What it means

Superguard scuff protection means that your floor has extra protection against scuffs and marks from things like shoes, buggies and pets. The special polyurethane layer of Superguard floors also makes maintenance easier.

Natural Look & Feel brings an authentic look to your Avenue cushion floor. Whether wood, stone or mineral, Natural Look ad Feel features an embossed surface that adds depth and texture to your floor.

Added Slip Resistance gives your Avenue cushion floor even more resistance to slips and so makes a great choice in rooms where you may be barefoot, such as bathrooms, or in busy areas such as kitchens.

Designers’ Choice floors stand out for their unique designs that set them apart from the rest, bringing your home individuality and flair.